I have relied on this violin by Christoph Götting in so many concerts, sometimes in greatly varying playing conditions. The evenness of its sound from the lowest to the highest frequencies, its “presence” as well as the possibilities of modulation it gives me during chamber music and in the orchestral terrain are what I cherish. The violin is perfectly made and has a near magical varnish which sparkles, glistens and reveals wonderful reflections. Every day I am fascinated by this and it inspires me.

Christoph has without doubt a great insight into the violin making methods of the famous old masters which his long experience in the restoration of the best antique instruments provided. With a respectful look at this past he aims to create new works, but does this without putting on an artificial pretence of age. Christoph tells me that it is his special interest to create instruments with such an easy response and overtone-rich sound that they come very close to the best of the old ones.

Over the years I have grown with my violin, (I call it “Apollon”), and can only thank him for this creation. For me, Christoph Götting is a great artist in his craft and I happily remember what the Master Violin Maker Andreas Kägi in Berlin said to me many years ago when he showed me two of his violins : “Look at this, he is a great artist this man, and by the way, Kolja Blacher (now Prof.) and Prof. Eberhard Feltz have just bought a violin each from him.”

It is a great honour for me to play on Christoph's violin and it has never let me down. The realisation that I have been and still am the first who breathed life into “Apollon” excites me. I sometimes wonder who will take it over from me and will make music on it in the future, this is a nice thought.

On my homepage you will find a few pictures and sound clips which present the violin. I am always happy to hear how well it sounds, also in front of the microphone.

Enjoy listening!



Playing on a by Stradivari inspired model made by the German violin maker Christoph Götting.

Ensemble Messiaen
Quatuor pour la fin du Temps
Louange à L´immortalité De Jésus
Solo Violin: Markus Däunert

Piano: Isabel von Bernstorff
Cello: Julian Arp
Clarinet: Rupert Wachter

Messiaen – Louange à L´immortalité De Jésus




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