I was involved in the creation of two chambermusic festivals - Cappenberg Festival and Hellens Festival. The Mantua Chamber Music Festival is a very fresh festival as well and I am proud to be a part of its beginning period as well. When we created the Mahler Chamber Orchestra – we started performing chambermusic in several groups – later on we „connected these little islands“ and as a result – we formed an orchestra. Months later we created the group Mahler Soloists. This group still exists and carries on with different members in our days. When Claudio Abbado got the idea to found the Orchestra Mozart – we – the musicians of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra performed chambermusic in Bologna – to send a signal to the city of Bologna and to contribute ourselves – to be a spark for the creation of Claudio’s latest orchestra.

Founding the Mahler Chamber Orchestra

We simply didn't want to part and Claudio was convinced that we were crazy enough to start a new project. In Paris, the summer of 1995, we got together as a chamber orchestra in order to play Bartok's Divertimento with Alfred Altenburger. A lot of things originated here, Alfred was immensely important to us. Almost two years passed until we received our first big residency in Italy - as the Mahler Chamber Orchestra, thanks to Claudio Abbado. This was not the first residency. It was made possible by a music fanaticist, a risk-endorsing lover of music: Peter Haarpaitner from Landshut, Bavaria. He was there for us from the beginning, so to speak. We drove to Landshut as a completely unknown chamber orchestra, with our unusual name, in order to give our first performances in the wonderful town hall of Landshut.

De Sono

I taught young musicians at the academy De Sono for many years. Apart from the violin academies in Turin on the weekends, we formed an ensemble called "Archi De Sono" out of the young string players of Piemont, whom I led from the first desk. I received great support from my colleagues who played in Italy's best orchestras and who were also leaders of our ensemble.
The ensemble is still very active and belongs to the leading orchestras of its kind in Italy.

Co-Founding the Lucerne Festival Orchestra

Co-founding this orchestra was very special. When Claudio Abbado approached us with his idea, we were incredulous. The first moments of this orchestra were unbelievable and I experienced moments with Abbado and this orchestra I can't describe, they have even achieved somewhat of a cult status. I am eternally grateful for the experiences I had and furthermore grateful for this chance which Claudio Abbado gave to me after I met him in 1993.



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